Your Biggest Security Threat Is Already On Your Payroll
Which is why you need a Chief Awareness Officer



This changes employee security awareness

Like it or not, believe in it or not, every organization regardless of size needs employees who are trained and ready to be vigilant sentries. If budget is the issue, we just solved that too  – as much employee security awareness training as you’ll need, as often as you want, for as many employees you want, and all without the high monthly, annual, or per employee costs. Be prepared to be surprised. 
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Employee Security Awareness

That Everyone Can Afford

Comprehensive – 14 short lessons on every important security issue.

Accessible – Each lesson just 3-5 minutes.

Engaging – Professionally animated whiteboard with narration throughout.

Flexible – All lessons are individual video files that will work anywhere.

Customizable – Everything can be edited to match your messages and goals.

Affordable – The entire course, for any number of employees, forever, for the cost of a decent iMac.

Yours – Once you buy the course, it belongs to you with no additional costs, fees, or licensing.

But – We can customize, brand, update, host, track, report, test, certify, and prove compliance. MORE.

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Need It Hosted?

We Can Host Too
  • You can host the entire course anywhere – on your own LMS or training platform, or simply on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • We can host it for you in a completely customized portal.
  • Enroll as many employees as you want*.
  • Each lesson includes post-lesson questions before proceeding to the next.
  • Track which employees have completed which lessons.
  • Optional post-training test and Certificate of Completion.
  • Meets every common compliance requirement.
  • SCORM compliant.
  • Low monthly hosting fee - not based on the number of enrolled users. MORE.
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Need Something More?

Try Our Custom Webinars
  • Engage and inspire your employees with a more personal presentation from one of the most experienced and engaging “people” security experts.
  • A great way to quickly address current and emerging security issues, reach and teach smaller groups, or focus on specific job functions, roles, and challenges.
  • Seamlessly delivered as either a standalone video, or through GoToWebinar - use it once or archive it forever.
  • A great way to address hot security topics like phishing, ransomware, CEO impersonation scams, privacy changes, and other threats.
  • Customize the entire presentation to sync with your organization, messaging and goals, rules and policies, and workplace culture.
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A Personal Employee Bonus

Get The FREE Book
  • Employee security awareness works best and for longer when it’s personal. Your employees probably worry about security, like most consumers do, and especially things like identity theft, keeping their kids safe online, and protecting the elderly from scams.
  • Reward and protect them with a custom and branded edition for Neal’s new Book.
  • “Double Trouble – Protecting Your Identity in an Age of Cybercrime” is Neal’s new consumer security guide and one of the most comprehensive available.
  • 30 chapters, 250 pages of hard-learned lessons will give your employees all the answers they need to protecting themselves and their families in an increasingly risky digital world. MORE.
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"Double Trouble - Protecting Your Identity In An Age Of Cybercrime"

30 chapters and 250 pages of the toughest lessons Neal has learned in his 35+ years fighting cybercrime and identity theft around the world. The book also features guest chapters from convicted fraudsters, interviews with some notorious identity thieves, and eye-raising accounts of some of the most audacious scams. And it's FREE.

Looking For Custom Training Or A Client Presentation?

Whether it's awareness building for your employees, or an exclusive and personal presentation for select clients, we can help. We've done the same for US Trust, US Bank Private Client Reserve, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Stifel Nicolaus, American Century, Ameriprise and many others. Learn more.