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We believe that if quality employee security awareness is to be universally available, it has to be universally affordable.


Affordable means to a single low price of just $1,950 to own the course outright - no additional fees, no monthly or annual licenses, no per employee or per seat charges. You buy it, you own it, you keep it. And now, you can afford it.

That's a perpetual license. Unless you'd like to have the course cusomized or the entire progam hosted, there are no additional fees. Ever. Use the course as your primary or sole training tool, use it to supplement other training efforts, or have it hosted by us and enjoy all the other great training, reporting, testing, management, and compliance features available.



  • 14 online lessons that can be hosted anywhere.
  • An additional 15-minute video introductory lesson hosted by Think Security First! founder Neal O’Farrell
  • A new 10-minute video lesson every eight weeks for the first year, presented and narrated by Neal O’Farrell, at no additional cost.
  • Free hosting for the first year.
  • A total of 130 minutes (2 hrs 10 mins) of training over 21 easy-to-use lessons.
Our training progrgam is called Think Security First!, because that's our message to all employees, and should be yours too. And Think Security First! has a rich history.


Think Security First! currently consists of 14 short lessons (we're already working on more), and each lesson lasts just 3 to 5 minutes, which we believe is the ideal effective duration for busy employees. And because the lessons are short and individual, it's easy for employees to revisit all or key lessons at any time to refresh their memory and recharge their awareness. All our lessons are created as individual video files, available in MP4, WMV, or MOV format.


  • Why Security Awareness Matters
  • Safe and Secure Password Practices
  • Email and Messaging Security
  • Managing Mobile Security Risks
  • Understanding Malware and How To Avoid it
  • Phishing and How To Avoid It
  • Understanding How Hackers Work
  • BYOD - Safely Using Your Personal Devices for Work
  • Understanding and Avoiding Data Breaches
  • The Role of Privacy in Security
  • Protecting Sensitive Data
  • Identity Theft and How To Prevent It
  • Cyber Safe Outside the Workplace
  • Personal and Family Security



This is an example of a lesson hosted on a free Vimeo account. All lessons can be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, on your own networks or Learning Management System (LMS), or by us. Click here to see a lesson on Vimeo.


You Host or We Host

You can easily host the entire training program yourself, with no technical skills. Which also means no additional costs. Ever.

Or we can provide an affordable hosting option that includes comprehensive enrollment, tracking, reporting, and testing. Learn more.



Each lesson uses whiteboard animation and professional narration throughout. We believe this approach makes the lessons more enjoyable and engaging, and less complex and intimidating. No special software or plugins required.



Each lesson includes 5 quiz questions related to the lesson*, and the lesson cannot be completed until the quiz has. If an employee gets a question wrong, that employee is immediately given the correct answer accompanied by a brief explanation. Which is yet another small but invaluable teachable moment.



The Think Security First! program was created by Neal O'Farrell, one of the most experienced "people" security experts, a 35-year veteran of global cybersecurity, and a pioneer in employee security awareness. Meet him.


Learn more about hosting and management

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* In-lesson quiz questions require a Learning Management System (LMS), or hosted by us, in order to function. Compatible with the Moodle open source and free LMS. We're happy to help you set that up and usually at no cost.